Matt J Williams

Matt J Williams

Welcome to the website of me, Matt J Williams. I am a Search Engineer and Tech Lead at  Cookpad, the world’s largest recipe sharing platform. Prior to joining Cookpad, I was an AI Engineer at Adarga, a vertical AI startup in Bristol, where my work focused on putting scalable machine learning models into production, with an emphasis on information retrieval and mining large networks. I also hold an Associate position as Research Fellow in Data Science at the University of Exeter.

My scientific research applies techniques from data science and network science to understand how human behaviour shapes the world we live in. This typically involves wrangling a range of large-scale real-world datasets, from beer and Foursquare, to urban transport networks and mobile phone logs.

Prior to joining the University of Exeter, I was a member of the Networked Systems and Data Science Lab at the University of Birmingham, funded by the LASAGNE (multi-LAyer SpAtiotemporal Generalized NEtworks) EU project, and a visiting researcher at UCL Geography where I was a member of the Geospatial Analytics and Computing Group. Even further back, I was a lecturer and researcher in the School of Computer Science & Informatics at Cardiff University, where I also completed my PhD Periodic patterns in human mobility in 2013. You can find more about my research and publications and previous  teaching duties on this website.

In my other time I pursue interests both inside and outside computer science, some of which I talk about on my blog. The Output page covers some of the activities (such as projects and talks) that emerge from these interests.


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