Matt J Williams

Matt J Williams

👋 Welcome to the website of me, Matt Williams.

I am a software engineer and technical leader, with a background in building search and discovery experiences for millions of users at global scale, and building empowered teams that span search, recommendation, and machine learning. On this website you can find some of my writings and projects, including those connected to my professional work and also personal side projects, talks, and more.

My passion is to develop intelligent systems that solve challenging real world problems at scale that delight users. Search, relevance, personalisation, recommender systems, natural language processing, and data analysis are my areas of interest, and I have a combined experience of 10 years across these, spanning industry and academia. In this time I have also had the privilege of building and leading cross-functional high-performing teams, and been responsible for technology strategy in search and discovery, spanning multiple product and platform teams.

👥 I am always open to hearing about opportunities for collaboration. Please do get in touch.

Elsewhere on this website you can find: my professional biography, talks I have given, projects, writings on my blog, my research biography, published patents, and published scientific research.