Matt Williams is a Principal Engineer at Cookpad, the world’s largest recipe sharing platform, where he specialises in search and discovery. He has over six years of experience in building discovery experiences, with a particular interest in NLP, ML, scaleable search and recommendation, and the team structures and processes that underpin effective relevance improvement.

Prior to joining Cookpad in 2019, Matt worked as a Data Scientist and ML Engineer in industry, with applications to social media analysis and real-time news analysis. Before entering the software industry, Matt was a research scientist in academia, focusing on network science and predictive user modelling. He holds a PhD in Computer Science from Cardiff University, where he was also a lecturer.

Last updated: June 2023, for Berlin Buzzwords 2023.

Recent work

I am a Principal Engineer specialising in search and discovery at Cookpad, the worldโ€™s largest recipe sharing platform. In my time at Cookpad, I have been a Search Engineer, Team Lead, Tech Lead, and Chapter Lead.

Prior to joining Cookpad, I was an AI Engineer at Adarga, a vertical AI startup in Bristol,ย where my work focused on putting scalable machine learning models into production, with an emphasis on information retrieval and mining large networks.

Prior to this, I my work was predominantly from academic research institutions. You can learn more about my previous academic engagements and scientific research on the research page.

For a longer more-detailed history, please refer to my LinkedIn profile.