2013 "Open Sauce" Hackathon Round-up

Last weekend’s “Open Sauce” Hackathon was a big success. In addition to the funding I mentioned in my previous post, GitHub also got in touch a day before the event to bolster each prize category with one-year bronze and silver accounts.

There’s a write-up and more photos at the CSCF website, so please navigate there for more information. I’ll also maintain a list of other individuals' posts below.

Hackathon 2013 group photo.

While at the event Kirill Sidorov and I, Computer Club co-organisers, also took the opportunity to write the software for a motion-tracking quadrocopter demo we’d been asked to for the School’s upcoming Open Day. Write-up to follow on this blog.

Thanks to all the judges, undergraduate organisers, sponsors, and attendees for making it a great event!